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Headless Historicals Doll Gallery

HEADLESS HISTORICALS is an art project I've done with my history-loving partner Garith Pettibone. These are one-of-a-kind dolls that commemorate famous executions and deaths. The project started back in 2006 with the release of the first thirteen dolls, and has since grown to over fifty. Proceeds from sales now go toward our Executioner Documentary Project.

Executioner's Notebook Home Website

Very soon this will be the Official Home Page for the documentary project once I get the domain name pointing correctly. (Pardon the dust!)


Seven Famous Executioners
How to Become an Executioner
James Billington, Executioner
John Ellis, Executioner
History of British Executioners
British Hangmen
British Executioners
A Hangman Speaks
Interview with a Virginia Executioner
The Kingdom's Leading Executioner
The Most Renowned Executioner in Saudi Arabia
Thailand's Last Executioner
Fernand Meyssonnier discusses his career as a professional executioner in Algeria
An Executioner Remembers
Interview with an Executioner - Singapore Sling


Elizabethan Executions
Top Ten Gruesome Methods of Execution
NY Times - Executions: A Historical Sketch of Various Modes. Anecdotes of Executioners and Executed the Victims of the Guillotine.
The History of the Death Penalty
Historical Perspective: The 1875 Execution of John Casey in Edgar County
Ameican Indian Executions in Historical Context
An Historical Analysis of Tennessee's Executions Since 1796
Black Sheep Ancestors - Execution Records
The History of Beheading
Types of Capital Punishment
Executed Today
Military Executions During the Civil War
Famous Executions in the Tower of London
Executions and Beheadings at the Tower of London
The Spectacle of Execution as Social Control in Ancient Rome
Crushing By Elephants
Medieval Life and Times Execution Methods


Capital Punishment U.K.
The Death Penalty Information Center
Death Penalty Focus
Amnesty International USA
Legal Information Institute: Death PenaltyCapital Defense Weekly
Human Rights Death Penalty Links
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
Death Penalty Pros and Cons
Anti-Death Penalty
Pro-Death Penalty Information Community
Execution and Death Row Statistics
1000+ Death Penalty Links